What do you want to learn?

This seems like a silly question, doesn’t it? Let’s break it down.

  • Is it a skill that you want to acquire?
  • Is it a new field of study?
  • Is it additional information for something you already know?
  • Is it physical or mental?
  • Does it take multiple steps?
  • Is there a proficiency test?

You might think that it takes diverse approach for each of those situations. It does not. What you need to understand is that your brain and your body are magnificent tools. But they may not work the way you think they do. Your brain has designed “compartments” for everything you’ve learned in your life. Why? Because you’ve been taught this way most of your life.

Math goes in the “math box.” Language goes in its own little box so if you’re an English speaker and want to learn Spanish, there are two boxes. Science divides into its own little boxes. Then you have to open the right “box” to reach the information. Picture the warehouse where they keep all the secret artifacts. How would you find anything in that? They’re all marked:

  • Top Secret
  • Military Intelligence #blah blah blah
The “Indiana Jones Warehouse:” How to use FOIA to get Documents from  Purgatory | UNREDACTED

You will find with the method I’m going to show you that you needn’t put everything into a separate box. All your studies, all your activities, and all your experiences are interrelated and kept in your head. There are times you are searching for information faster in your brain than on google.

Now, imagine a large room full of people. You ask, “How do I convert Fahrenheit to Centigrade?” Somebody in the middle of the group will raise his hand and answer your question. No need to go digging into the piles of boxes or filing cabinets with a crowbar. “How do I add two inches to my jump height?” And from the edge of the group, “Make sure you also engage your foot muscles in the jump.” “Work the ‘twitch’ muscles in your legs.” “Make sure that all your jumping energy goes into jumping, not changing posture.” “Practice getting the cake mix off the top shelf in the grocery store.” If you are engaging this crowd of people, the information you have does not stagnate in a box for lack of use because you’re using it in multiple ways and in different contexts.

I will show you how to unpack those boxes.

Please allow me to introduce myself…

Nope, I’m not the devil. But I may be his advocate (read lawyer?). I am a teacher with 50+ years of experience. I have taught at every level from kindergarten to college, and many different subjects. But that doesn’t make me successful. It’s the process that I’ve developed and codified over those many years that makes me successful. I have taught mentally disabled students how to dance or play musical instruments. I have taught geniuses how to step out of their comfort zones and explore other areas of study. I have used this process to accumulate a lot of information.

This is a learning site. I’m going to help you teach yourself. I will not be giving classes in Spanish, Ballet, or Business Finance. But if those are the subjects you wish to study, the process I will show you will help you progress and improve your performance and deepen your understanding.

How do I know this process works?

  • Because my son used this process for 1 year and jumped 4 grades in some subjects, and 10 grades in others. He went from the 20th percentile on his assessment tests to the 96th percentile.
  • Because my students progress much faster and retain the information much longer.
  • Because it allows me the freedom to learn anything that grabs my curiosity, I have multiple degrees and certifications

I would like to introduce you to the love of learning and give you the tools you need to be successful. But since I seem to be the only one that has this information, it is very valuable. I don’t teach like everyone else. It has taken me many years and lots of work to design this process. You can’t get this anywhere else.