Habitual behavior vs Learned behavior

Let’s look at typical traits of habits: Now let’s look at typical traits of learned behavior: Uh Oh. They are very much alike! Addiction looks very much like a habit on steroids (which, as I understand it, can be addictive! And round and round we go…) Here’s a big difference: Habits will persist even ifContinue reading “Habitual behavior vs Learned behavior”

Why is it important to learn?

Take a look at what you’re planning to learn. If it is because it sparks interest or your curiosity keeps bringing you back, there is a deep-seated need in your subconscious that compels you to learn this. This would be the curiosity-based learning. If you are highly motivated to learn something because you see itContinue reading “Why is it important to learn?”

Why do you want to learn?

There are two types of learning. There’s the experiential learning that you do in the course of living. You learn to walk, talk, and solve problems that allow you to do bigger things. You know that tired cliché, “You learn something new every day?” It’s true. I learned something about lawn mowers, air filters, oil,Continue reading “Why do you want to learn?”